Thesis or Non-Thesis?

The Forensic Medicine program offers both a Thesis and a Non-Thesis option. Both are 37-credit Master of Science degrees.

Which track is right for you?

  • Thesis: Begin or advance your academic career. Writing a thesis is good preparation for future academic work or a Ph.D. program. If you are interested in engaging in supervised research that could be published in scientific journals, the Thesis option is for you!
  • Non-Thesis: Explore specialized sub-fields of forensic medicine and apply this knowledge to your career. By taking additional electives to reach the 37-credit degree requirement, you will have the opportunity to discover areas of interest in forensic medicine. Examples include taking Principles of Osteology, then Applied Osteology, then an osteology lab class (coming soon!), or taking a series of electives on psychology. If you are interested in finding your niche and exploring it at a greater depth, the Non-Thesis option is for you!

Thesis requirements

  • Take 6 credits of the thesis research course, GMS 6971. Not all 6 credit hours have to be taken at the same time – you can take all 6 at once, or 3 and 3 across 2 semesters, 3 semesters of 2 credits each, or anything in between.
  • Research and write your thesis.

Tips from the Graduate School for writing your thesis

The UF Graduate School offers tips and resources for writing your thesis.