Policies, Forms, and Course Registration Information

Course Registration, Add/Drop, Clearing Holds, and Withdrawal/Incomplete

Registration and Adding Courses

Each semester, you will receive an email with a customized link to select courses for the next semester. You will be able to select courses and submit a form. This is called the pre-registration form, and our advisors will get you registered for the courses you’d like to take.

If you would like to add a course before the end of the drop/add deadline, simply re-submit your pre-registration form.

Students may not attempt to register themselves using ONE.UF.

Dropping a Course

If it is before the drop/add deadline, students may drop their course without fee liability. The fees will be refunded and the course will not appear on the student’s transcript. If you wish to drop a class please go to one.uf.edu and drop the class you wish to take in the future. Please make sure you do this before the add/drop deadline. Failure to drop classes before the deadline will have financial and punitive grade consequences.

If it is after the drop/add deadline, students may still drop their course(s), but the fees will not be refunded and the student will be assigned a W for each course on their transcript.

If you have any issues with dropping a class please contact forensics@ahc.ufl.edu.

Check the critical dates page for the drop/add deadline and contact forensics@ahc.ufl.edu with any questions.


  • You cannot drop your course by contacting your course instructor.

Withdrawing from a Course

If it is after the drop/add deadline and a student requests to drop their course it will be considered a withdrawal.

The student will be liable for all course tuition and a “W” will appear on their transcripts.

You must email a request to the registration team at forensics@ahc.ufl.edu, who will send direct instructions to you.

Receiving an Incomplete in a Course

Students must contact the instructor of the course that they would like to request an Incomplete (I) in. The instructors will then give any further instructions. Incompletes are only awarded under specific circumstances and at the discretion of the instructor and can be requested after the drop/add deadline at any point in the semester.

  • It is not guaranteed that an Incomplete will be granted.


Every semester a Registration Preparation Hold, Local Address Information Hold, and Emergency Contact Hold are placed on all University of Florida student accounts. These holds need to be cleared by the student before the the course(s) can be accessed.

Please follow these instructions to clear the hold(s):

  1. Go to Student Self Service.
  2. Click onto the heading “My Record” on the top left of the Student Self Service screen.
  3. Click on “Holds.”
  4. Follow the directions to clear the Registration Preparation and Emergency Contact Hold.
  5. Log out of Student Self Service completely, close your browser, and then log back in to Student Self Service to verify that the hold was successfully removed.

If you have an Immunization Hold, it does not apply to you. You do not need to have your immunization records sent to the University of Florida. The distance education registration team will ask the University of Florida registrar to have this hold removed for you internally. If you have any additional holds please contact us at forensics@ahc.ufl.edu.

Policies & Procedures


Transcripts are not automatically sent to the student after each term and must be requested by the student.

To gain access to unofficial transcripts:

  • Go to https://one.ufl.edu > click on “Transcripts” > click on “Current Students” > login with your Gatorlink username and password > click on “View and/or print my unofficial transcript.”
  • Students who have graduated or have not taken courses for more than a term will not have access to unofficial electronic transcripts.

For official transcripts:

  • Go to https://one.ufl.edu > click on “Transcripts” > Follow the Transcript Request Procedures (PDF) to request transcripts from the registrar.

UF Privacy Policy



Transfer of Credits Form

Common Registrar Forms

Graduate Student Forms

Enrollment Verification

Students may need enrollment verification to prove to a loan company or employer that they are enrolled in courses.

To show, or prove, enrollment in a course, submit a copy of the registrar’s enrollment certification form to the registrar after the drop/add period.

Please go to student.ufl.edu > Enrollment Verifications (on the left menu) > Request official Verification. This will generate a PDF for current and future registration.