The online M.S. in Forensic Medicine program consists of 37 credits – 28 core credit hours and 9 elective credit hours – and has thesis and non-thesis options. Review our courses below and contact us for more information.

Full Course List

Core Classes

VME 6934: Forensic Medicine 1
PHA 6935: Forensic Medicine 2
GMS 6358: Forensic Medicine 3
GMS 6352: Artifacts of Decomposition
GMS 6354: Communication Skills in a Forensic Context
GMS 6351: Trauma Analysis
PHA 6935: Forensic Anthropology 1
GMS 6905: Literature Survey in Forensic Medicine
GMS 6905: Independent Studies in Medical Sciences (Final Exam)



GMS 6350: Forensic Investigations
GMS 6356: Applied Osteology
GMS 6353: Gross Anatomical Exam and Forensic Pathology
GMS 6355: Traffic Homicide Investigation and Reconstruction
GMS 6971: Research for Master’s Thesis