GMS 6353: Gross Anatomical Exam and Forensic Pathology

Elective Course
Credits: 3
Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Utley

This course will teach students about the structure of all major body systems. The components of each system will be discussed in anatomical terms, and each module will culminate with discussions on the unique disease processes that can affect each body system. Focus will be given to the types of anatomical and/or pathological anomalies that would be relevant at autopsy.


  • Identify each major body system.
  • Communicate about the human body in anatomical terminology.
  • Describe specific components of each major body system.
  • Understand the unique disease processes that affect different body systems.
  • Identify anatomical or pathological anomalies that may be found during an autopsy.




Module 1 Integumentary System
Module 2 Musculoskeletal System
Module 3 Nervous System
Module 4 Cardiovascular System
Module 5 Lymphatic and Endocrine Systems
Module 6 Respiratory System
Module 7 Digestive System
Module 8 Urinary and Excretory Systems
Module 9 Reproductive Systems