GMS 6350: Forensic Investigations

Elective Course
Credits: 3
Instructor: Dr. Tim Gallagher

This course will give the student a basic understanding of the various professional disciplines that must come together to successfully process a crime scene that involves human death. Students will also explore the basic scientific and legal principles of physical evidence as well as issues of rights to privacy and evidence integrity.


  • Identify and explain the roles and responsibilities of each major player in a crime scene investigation.
  • Understand the principles of forensic evidence, including federal rules of evidence.
  • Distinguish between civil and criminal legal issues.
  • Understand their rights to privacy regarding search warrants, requirements of warrants, and exceptions.




Module 1 Medical Examiner and Coroner Systems
Module 2 The Medicolegal Death Investigator
Module 3 The Crime Scene Investigator
Module 4 The Forensic Analyst
Module 5 The Major Case Detective
Module 6 The Expert Witness
Module 7 Principles of Evidence
Module 8 Criminal and Civil Law Issues