Spring 2024 Courses

Courses and schedules are subject to change based on demand and availability.

Core Courses

Course #Course NameCredits
GMS6361Principles of Forensic Medicine 2**4
GMS6362Principles of Crime Scene Investigation3
GMS6352Artifacts of Decomposition3
GMS6354Communication Skills in a Forensic Context3
GMS6905Independent Studies in Medical Sciences (Literature Survey)2
GMS6363Principles of Osteology3
GMS6905Independent Studies in Medical Sciences (Final Exam)1

Electives – Online

Course #Course NameCredits
GMS6350Forensic Investigations3
GMS6353Gross Anatomical Exam3
GMS6357Forensic Photography***3
GMS6359Principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis3
VME6054Scientific and Legal Principles of Forensic Evidence3
GMS6971Research for Master's Thesis (Thesis Research)6
GMS6365Principles of Forensic Psychology3
GMS6355Traffic Homicide Investigation and Reconstruction3

Most Maples Center program courses count as electives within other Maples Center programs, so long as they reasonably apply toward the degree. To learn more about these other programs please visit their websites: Shelter Medicine | Veterinary Forensic Sciences | Wildlife Forensic Sciences & Conservation

Learn more about the thesis and non-thesis options and their course requirements here. 

Electives – In-Person

We offer opportunities for hands-on training with our in-person labs. The labs are 5 days and count as 3 academic credits upon completion. 

Course #Course NameCredits
GMS6359LPrinciples of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Laboratory3

** Pre-requisites need to be met prior to taking FM2, FM3
*** Requires access to a DSL camera.