Principles of Forensic Medicine 2


Core Course
Credits: 4

A study of advanced topics in Forensic Pathology addressing more complex situations and findings in death investigation scenarios. This course covers deaths occurring under suspicious circumstances, sudden natural deaths, infant and pediatric deaths, child and elder abuse, infectious diseases, toxins, drugs of abuse and deaths occurring via environmental exposure. A detailed discussion of medical devices and implants related to supplemental identification and their contribution to morbidity and mortality is reviewed.

Prerequisite: Principles of Forensic Medicine 1

Course Objectives:

  • Accurately distinguish deaths occurring under suspicious circumstances from sudden natural deaths.
  • Learn the signs of infant, pediatric and elder abuse.
  • Understand the types of infectious agents, poisons and drugs of abuse and their effects on the human body.
  • Become familiar with scene safety and common findings in deaths occurring via environmental exposure.
  • Understand the mechanism of drowning and asphyxia deaths.
  • Understand the importance and utility of medical devices and implants in a death investigation


  • Module 1: Deaths Under Suspicious Circumstances
  • Module 2: Sudden Natural Deaths
  • Module 3: Pediatric and Infant Deaths
  • Module 4: Child and Elder abuse
  • Module 5: Infectious Diseases
  • Module 6: Drugs of Abuse
  • Module 7: Poisons and Toxins
  • Module 8: Environmental Exposure Deaths
  • Module 9: Drowning and Asphyxial Deaths
  • Module 10: Medical Devices and Implants