Principles of Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory


In-Person Elective Course
Credits: 3
Location: UF TREEO, 3900 SW 63rd Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32608
Summer 2024 Dates: July 22–26, 2024

This in-person, interactive course has been designed to give students a hands-on approach regarding the basic concepts of forensic science and crime scene investigation and related examination of evidentiary items. Students will become familiar with the multidisciplinary nature of forensic science and several of the specializations within them and perform tasks pertaining to each specialization.

Course Objectives:

  • Perform and explain crime scene security, approaching a scene, searches and documentation of evidence
  • Perform basic photography as it is related to crime scenes
  • Perform latent print recovery using different processing methodology and documentation
  • Perform tasks related to trace evidence identification and recovery
  • Perform biological examinations, including blood pattern analysis, alternative light source applications and chemical enhancement procedures
  • Perform the basic steps of forensic anthropology and archeological recovery
  • Perform basic concepts of DNA recovery, examination, and preservation
  • Perform concepts related to firearm examination including GSR testing, muzzle-to-target distance determinations, and other analyses
  • Analyze, process, and document a mock crime scene using the culmination of all methodologies and present evidentiary findings in a courtroom setting
  • Pass a test using the culmination of all forensic science disciplines presented

Download a tentative agenda (subject to change): Syllabus

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