Forensic Investigations


Elective Course
Credits: 3

This course will give the student a basic understanding of the various professional disciplines that must come together to successfully process a crime scene that involves human death. Students will also explore the basic scientific and legal principles of physical evidence as well as issues of rights to privacy and evidence integrity. 

Course Objectives:

  • Identify and explain the roles and responsibilities of each major player in a crime scene investigation 
  • Understand the principles of forensic evidence, including federal rules of evidence 
  • Distinguish between civil and criminal legal issues 
  • Understand their rights to privacy regarding search warrants, requirements of warrants, and exceptions 


  • Module 1: Medical Examiner and Coroner Systems 
  • Module 2: The Medicolegal Death Investigator 
  • Module 3: The Crime Scene Investigator 
  • Module 4: The Forensic Analyst 
  • Module 5: The Major Case Detective 
  • Module 6: The Expert Witness 
  • Module 7: Principles of Evidence 
  • Module 8: Criminal and Civil Law Issues